The Balance of Personal Power is Responsibility according to the Group.

They say it is simple: If you wish to increase your power, increase your level of responsibility. Here is an opportunity to take full responsibility for every aspect of your reality. The Group says that we have all played the hero and the victim. We have played all of the roles at one time or another.

There are no victims here. Start where you are today. Take responsibility in a statement below and take your power. Return the following day to see if it feels complete. If so, then move on. If not, work with it each day until it is complete.

Here you step into your true power!

The Channel “Responsibility ~ the Balance to Power” was a live channel presented at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, May 3rd 2001. It is a chapter in book two from the Group: “Welcome Home ~ The New Planet Earth.” From Lightworker publications.

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