Welcome to the Healing Room.

This is a sacred space created for others to feel comfortable enough to heal or change themselves. Healing must be requested according to the Group. The 12 paradigms for facilitating in the new energy speak of the Healing and facilitating in the higher vibration of the New Planet Earth.

Here we offer you a chance to experience personal healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. If you wish to have others send you energy or be a part of your healing, speak that request in the first part of your writing. Include your e-mail in the posting box if you wish further contact from others. If you choose contact please hold your power. No one can heal you, only you can do that. Loving facilitators can assist in the process. Here you can set your own healing into motion. Miracles do happen everyday. Why not create one now? Whether you write or read here, we ask you to take a moment and read and reflect on the most recent posts of others asking for healing. If they do not specifically ask for energy or healing please honor their wishes, as all healing must be requested.

There are more healers awakening everyday as more people are asking for healing in the 5th dimension. Here is an opportunity for the healer to heal thyself. Master Healers awaken!

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