To error is human… to forgive is divine.

The Group says that the act of forgiveness is an act of giving yourself a gift in the future. You set the energy of the future when you clear your own energy and give in front of yourself, thus the word “for-give.”

Holding a resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. You are the one who is drained of energy.

In this space we ask you to look closely at any resentments you are holding or other opportunities for forgiveness that you may have. This may be a matter of forgiving another or yourself. Even if they seemed to not be directly related to your creation, they can steal your energy while feeling extremely comfortable.

Write your statement of forgiveness here. Then carry the release into the outer world and apply it any way you can. When you return here if it feels complete then move to the next room. Take your time here. This is important.

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