Welcome to the Sacred Room of Spoken Intent.

It all begins here:

This is a representation of a true fifth dimensional space. In this room the time lag is much less than the time lag in the third dimension. In this space thoughts turn into reality very quickly.

1. Start by placing your Creation into motion by stating it in writing here. You are not writing for others, this is between you and the Universe.

2. Return here the next day or whenever possible to review your statement. If you feel complete then progress to the next room. If it is not complete, post it again until it feel true. Return the following day to review it again.

3. While you are here look at the other creations and send them energy with unconditional love. We ask that you honor all Creations set into motion here. If you wish feed back or contact from others when posting, then please include your e-mail address so others can respond to you directly. Please DO NOT respond to posts here. This is not a discussion room, therefore, we ask that you refrain from commenting about other posts in this space.

If you would like suggestions, see what the Group says about the Creation process.

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