When to create and when to allow? The Group suggests that the line is the same line that separate our realities. To put it simply, if it’s on your side of the veil, then it’s yours. If there is something to do to set your creation into motion then do it.This is not always easy as you can see. Just look at how many started in the creation room that have not made it this far. Congratulate yourself for following through to this room. Herein lies the magic.

Once you have set the action into motion, there is still one important action that releases the creation into the next stage. The action of faith. When your actions are in motion, then it is important to release the attachment to the outcome and let go.

In this sixth Sacred Room we suggest that you list the specific actions you will take to set this creation into motion or change your life. Make a commitment to follow through on the actions but do not wait until they are complete to go to the next room. When the listing here feels complete move to the next room as you set the actions into motion in your daily life.

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