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The 8 Sacred Rooms of Creation

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Here we are creating sacred rooms for people to create, heal and improve themselves.
These rooms are inspired by the channel from the Group: The Sacred Room

The 8 Sacred Rooms of Creation

Suggested Instructions Below

1. Room of Creation

Start the Miracle and Create your Reality

2. Room of Fear

Identify and Release the Fears holding you.

3. Room of Forgiveness

Letting go of Resentment

4. Room of Healing

A Space to Heal

5. Room of Responsibility

The Balance to Personal Power

6. Room of Action

Stepping into the Miracle

7. Room of Humor

Adopting the Perspective of Angels

8. Room of Acceptance

Allow and Accept


These 8 Sacred Rooms of Creation have been set in order for most effective use. Use them any way you like or allow us to suggest the following:.

1. State your creation in the first room carefully. Be careful what you ask for. . . you will receive it. Then revisit the room the next day and see if it feels complete. If it is not complete, reword the creation and post it again. Take as long as you need until it feels right, posting no more than once in a day. When you feel complete with your statement, move to the next room.

2. Follow this order with each room until you complete all eight. In each room find something to say about your creation. If the room topic and suggestions do not seem to apply to your situation, simply post that in the room and return the next day and read it again. If it feels complete the next day when you return, then move to the next room. Understand when writing that you are not writing for others. This is between you and the Universe.

3. Please use common sense and Re-member that the idea is to create a safe space for all to heal themselves. This is not a discussion and we ask that you NOT post a response to any postings in these rooms. If you wish to comment or help another and they have given their e-mail address, please contact them directly. If you are not choosing contact do not give your e-mail when posting.

4. There are no spell checkers here but it is possible to write in your word processor, then cut and paste it in the box. Sorry but the technology does not let us put paragraph breaks. It is best to keep your post reasonable in length as it is hard to read without paragraphs. HTML code is not recognized. Please do not attempt to place pictures or scripts here.

5. Please do not add copyrighted material to this space without permission from the author.

6. Improving your life can be set into motion in as little as eight days, however this is not a race. We only ask that you re-member one point. Enjoying the journey is more important than reaching the destination. Enjoy the ride!

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